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This is a documentary film directed by Katheryne Thomas which was written and produced by Robert Sungenis and Rick Delano which questions the Copernican principle and discussing geocentricism, topics that prior to this film I really knew nothing about. Anytime a scientist or anyone for that matter questions a long held system of belief, you are going to have the leading members of the establishment whether that be the scientific or medical community or whomever the opinion or point of view impacts, up in arms. What I can say is that the filmmakers have presented a very good and balanced point of view in delineating and thus questioning the long held belief that we on Earth are not the center of the universe or anything other type of galaxy for that matter. It’s approached in a very scientific way and from a decidedly Christian point of view with leading cosmologists and scientists such as Lawrence M. Krauss and Michio Kaku expressing their point of view which do not always coincide with what I suspect the filmmakers would like us to believe. However, no one but God really knows the true essence of the mysteries of the universe and for this I give the film credit in not presenting any one point of view as concrete fact. No, I do not believe that Earth is the center of the universe, but the views and opinions presented are basically fair, sound and easily understood by the unscientific such as myself. Kate Mulgrew does an excellent job in narrating this most compelling of documentaries.

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