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This film told the true story of Maria Altmann, who with the help of a young lawyer friend takes the Austrian government to court to regain family possessions, namely five Gustav Klimt paintings stolen by the Nazis sixty years before. It’s a thrilling story that balances action that happened sixty years prior with the present day story. What was remarkable about this film is that I remember the story as it happened here in So. Calif. and even went to the Los Angeles County Museum of Art to see the five Klimt paintings after they were restored to their rightful owner. A beautiful cast with outstanding performances from Helen Mirren as Maria and Ryan Reynolds as her lawyer, Randy Schoenberg. I was particularly impressed by Tatiana Maslany as the young Maria (Bloch-Bauer) Altman and Allan Corduner as her father Gustav Bloch-Bauer. I hope none of these actors are forgotten at the Academy Award nominations. This film was beautifully written by Alexi Kaye Campbell and brilliantly directed by Simon Curtis.

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