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A somewhat amiable movie that I fully enjoyed, though did not love, has a pleasant cast headed by Robert Redford and Nick Nolte as old friends who decide to hike the Appalachian Trail to try and reinvigorate their somewhat moribund lives. This film directed by Ken Kwapis and based on a book by Bill Bryson was originally meant to pair up Robert Redford and Paul Newman, who in 2000 felt he was not physically capable of handling the rigors that this film would have required. Mr. Redford started up the project a couple of years ago and the Newman role went to Nick Nolte who is quite good in the role. The scenery is absolutely lovely and the film has a lot to offer the senior crowd in that it fully sympathizes with the aches and pains along with the disappointments that become so obvious near the end of one’s life. Engaging support is supplied by Emma Thompson as Redford’s wife and Mary Steenburgen as a local innkeeper.

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