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This film based on the novel of the same name by Baptist minister Don Piper, is a faithful adaption of the book and succeeds quite successfully as a film which was directed and written by Michael Polish. After surviving a near fatal accident where he was dead for approximately 90 minutes, the Reverend’s family, particularly his wife cannot understand his reasoning as to why he is not trying to get better. As the film progresses you learn that Don Piper had actually died and visited Heaven after which he was miraculously brought back to life. The film is about his realization that God did indeed have a mission for him here on earth and though having shown him Paradise, comes to realize he wasn’t quite ready for it yet. This film is centered very heavily on the wife who is beautifully played by Kate Bosworth and Hayden Christianson as the Minister Don Piper. This is a very quiet, faith based film that lends itself a type of tranquility that is missing from too many of today’s films. It was almost like being in a very prayerful state while I was watching it and I recommend it to anyone who hungers for something more than just innocuous entertainment.

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