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SICARIO (2015)

This hard hitting, extraordinary film was directed by Denis Villeneuve and written by Taylor Sheridan basing his screenplay on real life events on the drug trafficking nightmare in Mexico that has made life unbearably painful and wrought with indescribable horrors and acts of violence that can only be described as something out of the Third Reich. This extraordinary cast is lead by Emily Blunt, one of the best actresses working today with award winning support from Benicio del Torro, Josh Brolin, Daniel Kaluuya and Julio Cedillo, who in one scene brings the whole film together, with the line “Who do you think we learned this from?” an open indictment of the U.S. and its’ illegal activities in foreign countries throughout the world. Perhaps one of the most revealing statements made is that if 20% of the American population would stop using these illegal drugs it would bring this entire industry to a halt. I abhor violence in films unless there is a real purpose in advancing the plot and driving your message home and there are scenes in this film that will make your skin crawl and give you nightmares. Every member of this filmmaking ensemble could be nominated for an Oscar, in particular Mr. Villeneuve, Mr. Sheridan, Ms. Blunt and Mr. del Torro.

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