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Peter Sohm’s animated film from Disney/Pixar was much delayed when the original director Bob Peterson who came up with the idea for the film was replaced by Mr. Sohm in 2014. Though this is one of Pixar’s best looking films, it is not one of their best. Its intended audience is obviously children so I’ll try and review it from a child’s point of view. The picture’s main theme is about acceptance of one’s self and how society judges the outcasts among us. Of course you are dealing with talking dinosaurs who have been given human characteristics and how they cope with life’s realities from a human being’s point of view. I was never bored and generally enjoyed the film, finding the visuals unbelievably beautiful, looking amazingly lifelike and real with a sharp contrast to all the talking animals. This is a specialty of the Walt Disney animated films and sometimes it works beautifully such as in BAMBI and sometimes a bit less effective such as I found it here. Children will enjoy this film by and large but I think adults may have a bit of a harder time excepting of this fantasy’s reality.

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