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This documentary written, directed, produced and starring Michael Moore is there to show how America has lost its way by going to a series of foreign countries most of whom use American ingenuity, technology, and good old common sense to run their governments in ways that originated here in America but have since gotten lost in political rhetoric and Washington corruption. It was disheartening to watch because much of what Mr. Moore was saying was true, but he tends to whitewash the situations presented overseas making everywhere else seem like Shangri-La, while we here in America are wallowing away in sin and corruption. Much like he did in his last film on health care, SICKO, where most of the points brought up were valid, I can’t believe that Cuba would be such a better place to live, while hundreds of thousands of Cubans have sought to leave the country risking their lives to come to the U.S. Yes, healthcare is much, much cheaper there, but their population is mostly poor and it was obvious the Cuban government was painting a utopian society as long as Mr. Moore’s cameras were running. None of this is to say that I don’t thank God everyday for filmmakers like Michael Moore because he is not afraid to confront unmitigated corruption in the U.S. government and confront head on the folks responsible, who just so happen to be mostly Republican. This film was not up to the standards of his Oscar winning BOWLING FOR COLUMBINE, ROGER AND ME, FAHRENHEIT 9/11 even SICKO, but even one of his lesser efforts is still worth a trip to the theatre. ​

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