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Kirk Jones’ film based on Nia Vardalos’ original screenplay which is a follow up to her 2002 film of the same name is a clichéd but highly enjoyable film detailing that all families regardless of ethnicity are dysfunctional to a certain degree while having very similar problems. You can’t help but be taken in by the good nature and loving qualities that these characters possess while finding easily relatable storylines to one’s own life with “the family.” Nia Vardalos again stars as Toula Portokalos-Miller, John Corbett as her husband Ian Miller, Elena Kampouris as Paris, their daughter, Laine Kazan & Michael Constantine as Toula’s parents and Andrea Martin practically stealing the show as Toula’s Aunt Voula. Since there needed to be a wedding of some sort to justify the title, it appears that the Greek Orthodox priest that married Toula’s parents forgot to sign the wedding certificate back in 1962, so a wedding ceremony is arranged to appease all parties involved. Any reasonable person can figure out that this was a clerical error and the parents are indeed married, but the plot is so infectious that you don’t really care. It’s a wedding ceremony meant to reinstate their vows to each other and solidify their love for each other. Most of all this is a film about love and how families though at times overwhelming and intrusive are an indelible part of our lives for better or for worse.

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