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Daniel Scheinert and Daniel Kwan directed this highly odd but rather unique film from their own original screenplay. Paul Dano plays a suicidal man who finds redemption upon finding a flatulent corpse played by Daniel Radcliffe, who gradually comes back to life and gives him reason to hope to keep on living. Obviously not a film for everyone and frankly not meant to be, it never the less presents a unique storyline and perspective that seems to be a combination of WEEKEND AT BERNIE’S and CASTAWAY, while being neither. I have to give the two leads credit for taking on this project, which I’m sure they must have been advised to pass on. Frankly not since THE MAGIC CHRISTIAN (Peter Sellars and Ringo Starr) have I been so perplexed as to why the filmmakers chose such an odd topic to make their cinematic debut. But at least it’s not forgettable, though there’s a side of me that wish it were.

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