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EQUITY (2016)

Meera Menon directed this fascinating film from an original screenplay by Amy Fox (Story by Amy Fox, Alysia Reiner & Sarah Megan Thomas) and has done herself proud. A story of the inner workings of Wall Street and how a successful internet start-up (ie. FACEBOOK) is taken public is both brutally and highly disturbing is what the characters are willing to resort to to succeed. An excellent script delivered by some of the best actors working today, includes Anna Gunn (BREAKING BAD & GRACEPOINT), James Purefoy, Sarah Megan Thomas, Alysia Reiner, Craig Bierko, Lee Tergesen, Margaret Colin, David Alan Basche and Sophie Von Haselberg among others. Anna Gunn’s performance should be considered for an Oscar as Best Actress, she is that good.

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