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This fine film directed by Jacob Jakubowicz from his own screenplay is a biographical movie of the life of professional boxer Roberto Duran. Taking his life story from when he was a child through to his enormous success as the WBC welterweight world champion, this story details the tragedy and triumph of a life that began in extreme poverty and ended up in extreme wealth. A film like this depends on an absorbing story told with an excellent cast of actors, particularly Edgar Ramirez as Roberto Duran and Robert DeNiro as his trainer Ray Arce. Excellent support is supplied by Usher Raymond as Sugar Ray Leonard, Oscar Jaenada, Jurnee Smollett-Bell, Ellen Barkin, Ruben Blades, Pedro Perez, Ana de Armas, John Turturro and John Duddy. It’s also a story of the times in the 1960s and how Panama was seeking its independence from the United States where the Panama Canal was concerned. You do not need to be a fan of boxing to enjoy this film, since it is a compelling story of following your dreams and achieving them despite the curves life may throw at you.

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