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Alex Gibney’s masterful documentary exposes the heretical lie that is the cult of Scientology and the way it has seduced and betrayed literally hundreds of thousands. The fact that the IRS still classifies this organization as a religion completely mystifies the imagination, because it is thus rendered with a tax exempted status, allowing it to shield billions of dollars in revenue all over the world (mostly in real estate). Mr. Gibney has obviously researched his topic extensively while basing his film on the book GOING CLEAR by Lawrence Wright which was more than fair in trying to explain why so many people could be deceived in believing the treacherous and distorted views of Scientology’s founder L. Ron Hubbard. Over and over again, scores of former Scientologists, including Academy Award winning director and screenwriter Paul Haggis detail how they were duped in this system of belief and how dangerous mind control can be when it is allowed by the participant. Also the consequence of what happens when you leave is also detailed with many members having to plot elaborate escapes from this Orwellian type of nightmare. It should be noted that the organization’s total membership has drastically dropped to around 50,000 worldwide, though even at this number you can’t help but wonder how long before this cult ultimately collapses.

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