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Dave Christiano both directed and wrote this original screenplay about a young female cross country coach and teacher whose wise and prudent coaching methods are brought into questions by her students, fellow academics and parents. A beautifully written script with a decidedly Christian message that manages to achieve its goals without hitting the viewer over the head. At first I felt that the young coach was perhaps too perfect with her impeccably good nature and perhaps would have toned down her make-up (which makes her look like she fell out of the pages of VOGUE magazine) however I think that this may have been intended. Since she is truly disliked by quite a few characters in the story it helps that she is so likable that you can’t help but root for her in what appears at times to be an utterly hopeless situation. She has a plan and that means winning the State Championship for the cross country team however that does not include winning the regionals only making yourself eligible for the final prize. Since her plan is not fully revealed until the end and since her faith in God is so devout and real you just know that somehow things will work out. The cast includes Allee Sutton Hethcoat as the young coach, Quinn Alexis, Sydney Marks, Jayla Palmer, Lacy Hartselle, Margaret Tant, McKensie Miller, Wynn Reichert, Mary Meyer, Dean Kostlich and a host of fine actors many of whom are making their debuts in this Tennessee born production. It’s also a film that addresses how hard growing up can be and the peer pressure that is present even in a Christian school to deviate from the right path. A lovely and wise film for the whole family, particularly teenagers and their parents.

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