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David Mackenzie’s film from an original screenplay by Taylor Sheridan (SONS OF ANARCHY/actor & SICARIO/screenplay) is a fantastic film that could well win Mr. Sheridan the Academy Award for Best Original Screenplay. Beautifully cast with Chris Pine, Jeff Bridges, Ben Harper, and Gil Birmingham among many others, could see some major Oscar attention come next January, it’s that good. Without spoiling the story too much, it deals with how a corrupted banking system designed to keep the poor in their place and the rich in theirs, can cause an otherwise good man to take drastic measures to ensure a secure financial future for his family. Beautifully photographed by Giles Nuttgens in New Mexico, which is passed off for Texas, you get a real feel for the desolation in these people’s lives and frankly cheer the outcome, though for some it turns out quite tragically. Without saying anything more, just trust me and go see this excellent piece of filmmaking.

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