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THE VISIT (2015)

This film is another nail in the coffin as far as the directing career of M. Night Shyamalan is concerned. The story concerns two children who have been sent by their mother to visit grandparents that they have never met or even seen pictures of, so when the grandparents start exhibiting strange behavior, they really aren’t sure quite what to make of it. Yes, there is that famous twist that Mr. Shyamalan is known for, despite the fact that there are clues being thrown at you right and left as to what is actually going on. And I do have to give the director credit for my not having caught on till the very end, which is either my having wanted to play along or my own naivete or stupidity. Though there is a nice conclusion about forgiveness and the need to move on, it’s too little too late to be of much service to a most ridiculous film.

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