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CHI-RAQ (2015)

Spike Lee’s film which he also wrote based on LYSISTRATA by Aristophanes is both interesting and at times a bit self important in it’s approach to the modern day problem of gun violence while being based on an ancient Greek tale. I certainly give him credit and most of the time he succeeds in his story telling abetted by an excellent group of actors, many of whom are schooled in Shakespearean drama. A cast led by Nick Cannon, Teyonah Parris, an excellent Jennifer Hudson (who should be nominated for Best Supporting Actress), Angela Bassett (New Yorkers still talk about her Lady Macbeth at the Public Theatre), John Cusack, Wesley Snipes and Samuel L. Jackson all add to a rather ponderous but in many ways, brilliant production. I don’t think this film will be among Mr. Lee’s hits with the public even though it probably should be. A bit too sophisticated for many of today’s movie going public, I think it will eventually develop into a cult hit. If you have the time and inclination in seeing this very interesting experiment in crossing two very different but at the same time, similar cultures, you won’t be disappointed. ​​

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