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SISTERS (2015)

This is a truly awful film that was directed by Jason Moore from a screenplay by Paula Pell and stars Tina Fey and Amy Poehler as a pair of sisters who never truly ever grew up, insisting on living life as if they were still thirteen years old. To say this is even an insulting jab at thirteen year old girls, many of whom I’ve known to be mature far beyond their years. This script violates the basic concept of good story telling in that there is such a weak plot suffused with sophomoric humor that even a child would find insulting to their intelligence. That a studio as large as Universal Pictures green lit this project causes me to wonder if anyone ever actually read this script and was only going on the fact that it starred two actresses who have a certain cache of the moment, but if continued down a similar pathway in the future will condemn themselves to an everlasting obscurity. I’ve rarely felt as desolate and full of despair as I did when this miserable excuse for entertainment was over.

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