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A film co-directed by Glenn Ficarra and John Requa with a screenplay by Robert Carlock based on the book THE TALIBAN SHUFFLE: Strange Days in Afghanistan and Pakistan detailing the overseas experiences of foreign news war correspondent Kim Barker. I loved this movie with a real star turn by Tina Fey as Kim in that it gives you a real idea of how dangerous but fascinating working in these situations as a news reporter can be, Well structured in its execution, you really get an idea of how volatile virtually any situation can be and the effects it has on native citizens and both the civilian and military foreigners in these warring lands. Tremendous support is lent by a stellar cast of actors which included Margot Robbie, an excellent Martin Freeman (THE HOBBIT), Alfred Molina, Christopher Abbott and Billie Bob Thornton among many excellent actors. A thought provoking film that gives one a behind the scenes view of what really goes on in back of all those correspondents reporting in war ravaged lands that we see everyday on the evening news.

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